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Why Xperience?

Lets Start with 5 Reasons.......

Highest level of patient-centered care. Treatments are typically 1 hour of quality, thorough treatment.  We are NOT a large corporate chain or an impersonal company, and you are NOT a number. 


We are NOT focused on high volume like many of our competitors. At Xperience, you will recieve more one-to-one therapist-to-patient attention than most clinics in Westchester and the Bronx. Come Xperience the difference.


Dr. Robert Lemyre,Certified Physical Therapist, has over 10 years' experience in Outpatient Physical Therapy, and understands the needs of patients with all backgrounds, fitness/health levels, and goals.


We are right in your neighborhood with free parking. Xperience PT is a clinic located in Eastchester, 0.5 miles South of Stop & Shop and just north of Immaculate Conception Church.


When you achieve your rehabilitation goals, our facility offers the opportunity to transition to personal training in the same location. Our trainers and staff regularly communicate with our physical therapy department to ensure any restrictions and or precautions are addressed and planned for. Return to your previous fitness routine with confidence that your therapist is in the same room, and ready to assist you if you have questions or concerns.

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