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What Now?...

How Do I Get there?

Xperience Physical Therapy is located at 16 John R Albanese Place in Eastchester, NY. We are diagonally across (south) from the entrance to the restaurant, Ciao's.

Where Do I Park?

Parking is free! There is plenty of spots in the parking lot in front of the building.

What Do I Bring?

Bring your photo I.D., insurance card if using insurance, and any prescription or referral you have been given by your doctor. **Note: Most company insurances do NOT require a prescription to start physical therapy. After 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first), we will need a prescription to continue therapy. 

What Should I Wear?

Wear loose clothing on the top and bottom. If you have problems with your ankles, knees, or hips, shorts are ideal, but very loose sweat pants that can be pulled up to expose the problem area will work. Bathing suits, halter tops, tank tops, or any other clothing work well for elbows, shoulders, and neck problems. 

Is There Privacy?

We have screens that can be put around each treatment table. We recognize we are in an open setting, so if you are more comfortable being in an isolated treatment space, do not hesitate to tell us if we can make you feel more comfortable with privacy! We do NOT want you to feel uncomfortable when you come to therapy!

What Should I Expect My First Visit?

Your first session consists of an evaluation with a licensed physical therapist. After a thorough examination, the PT will design a treatment plan according to your needs and personal goals. Throughout your recovery process you will be closely supervised. Further sessions typically include a combination of exercise, manual treatment, modalities, and a home exercise program.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost of My Visit?

Physical therapy is typically covered by most insurance companies. Either by calling or coming into the facility, we will do an insurance intake. Usually within 24 hours, the PT will know the details of your coverage. This will include the number of visits, as well as what your co-payment amount and/or deductible will be. We offer special rates for those who are uninsured or choose not to use their insurance.

How Often Will I Need Physical Therapy?
The frequency and duration of physical therapy are usually determined on the first visit.  A typical course of treatment lasts 4 weeks at 2 to 3 visits per week.  

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